Studying abroad is a great way to deepen practical knowledge of foreign languages ​​and to gain new knowledge and skills. Check out makes you the opportunity to conclude a number of new contacts and friendships with foreign colleagues , which will bring you later adult life .

Faculty of International and Political Studies has a very extensive system of cooperation agreements with top universities in the UK, Spain, France , Italy, Germany , the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and many other countries

from our region. We are the most internationally Department in Lodz , which sends the most students abroad and many foreign guests listeners.

Many trips abroad also results in the possibility of obtaining dual degrees, and establishing new and interesting professional contacts (interesting perspectives for a new job ) . Studying at our Faculty do not have to leave permanently abroad to acquire similar skills and knowledge , as your colleagues .

Our truly international studies are an alternative to studying abroad . Studying with us will be more "international" than your colleagues going abroad . You can find the whole world in the city center, two steps away from Piazza Dabrowski and the train station "Łódź Fabryczna" .


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room 110, Institute of Political Science, Lindleya 3

Dr. Agata Włodarska-Frykowska

Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator


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