Office of Cooperation with Business



To face the challenges of business needs, we have established on the Faculty of International and Political Studies the specialized office whose goal is to provide efficient cooperation process with our partners.


The office of cooperation performs duty on the principle of single unit – we provide you the information which service we can offer, we negotiate the scope, cost and schedule of all activities as well as we sign the final contract of cooperation.  





We wish that the activities provided by the office of cooperation will contribute to the fact that the Faculty of International and Political Studies will be identified as straightforward, modern, dynamic institution functioning in the network of efficient cooperation with both scientific environment and external partners. The Faculty will be identified with a place where are educated high-class specialists who are appreciated by employers and who have long-term relationships with the faculty because of the integrated, successful and prestigious alumni community.




The office is functioning especially for:

       business environment (companies, political institutions, nongovernmental organizations, etc.)



       employees of the Faculty of International and Political Studies


The office was established to:

       intensify the cooperation between the faculty and business

       integrate the community of alumni with the faculty

       facilitate the students and alumni finding the valuable contacts and develop professional career

       monitor efficiently the development of alumni career in order to optimize the educational process




Faculty of International and Political Studies

University of Lodz

ul. Składowa 41/43, rok nr 10

90-127 Łódź

tel.: (+48 42) 63 55 367




The chief of the office:

Tomasz Kamiński (PhD)

mobile phone: 607 929 912