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 on 2018 Winter EXAM SESSION and PROCEDURES from January 9th 2018

                According to the Rector of the University of Łodz regulations no. 103 from May 4th 2017 regarding the division of the academic year 2017/2018, winter exam session lasts from January 22nd to February 4th 2018. The make-up examination session lasts from February 12th to February 18th 2018 year. Deadline for taking exams and getting credits:

·         Exams (E) and tests (Z) ending subjects from January 22nd to February 4th 2018;

·         Diploma seminars (SL, SM) from January 22nd to February 18th 2018;

·         Make-up exams (E) from February 12th to February 18th 2018.

1.      Only a student who has regularly participated in a course, has an active student status in course USOS system and a valid student card can take passes and exams in the session.

2.      For each course ending with exam (E) there are two terms: the first term (22.01-04.02) and make-up session (12.02-18.02) A student who has not got a positive grade for exercises classes cannot take the final exam.

3.      Grades must be written by lecturers to protocols in UsosWeb system within 14 days of the pass or exam. Students are advised to verify the grades in UsosWeb system. Any discrepancies shall be immediately notified to the teacher running the subject.

4.      The student is required to take exams and obtain credits at the appointed  time.  Excuse for absence during an examination should be proven and delivered immediately to the teacher.  Requests for extension of the session will be accepted only in exceptional cases confirmed by appropriate documentation.

5.      Before taking the exams, students are requested to be acquainted with the Faculty Council resolutions regarding the subjects that cannot be passed conditionally - (list available in Students Service Office).

6.      Students of the 1st semester are obliged to pass all the courses. No conditional registration allowed for the 1st semester students - any fail on February 18th 2018 means being off the list of students.

1.      The student (available from the 2nd semester) who has failed the courses may ask for conditional registration for the following semester or repetition by applying in the Student’s Office not later than February 28th 2018. Student has the right to apply:

·         For 1 subject – if having previous failed and not passed conditional registration;

·         For 2 subjects – if having no previous arrears.

2.      Passing the winter session means getting all positive grades in UsosWeb system on February 18th 2018.  No winter session grading accepted after February 18th 2018.


Vice-dean for Student Affairs

Marek Sempach, PhD 


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