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  • Messages related to Rector's ordinance no. 108 cancelling classes between 11.03 - 03.05 [UPDATE 03.04.2020 ]


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  • pilne

    By decision of the Rector of the University of Lodz all classes, consultations, exams and other activities at the University ARE CANCELLED from 11 March (Wednesday) till 03 May (Sunday)

    University of Lodz Rector's Regulation no. 108 Of 6 April 2020 concerning: amendments to The University of Lodz Rector’s Regulation no. 100 of 11 March 2020 on prevention of spread of COVID-19 (or the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pneumonia) among the Un... more

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About faculty

We wish to create a space of mutual respect and kindness. Nowadays we need more and more positive energy, understanding and ability to solve complex problems in an intelligent way in our everyday life, at work and at school. We would like our Faculty to be focused on building positive relationships within our environment and attract people who are sensitive, responsible and open to the world and others. We wish to create an international space of positive thinking about our common future. We invite all young people who think positively and who want to act constructively in business, diplomacy and politics, as well as international journalism to our new energetic space. Inter means a Faculty based on positive relationships and modern thinking about studies.

Professor Tomasz Domański

Dean of the Faculty between 2008 - 2016