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Ladies and Gentelmen, 

The Faculty of International and Political Studies of the University of Lodz celebrates its 22nd anniversary, but we must not forget about its organizational direct precursor – the inter-faculty independent Institute of International Studies of the University of Lodz established in 1994. Its creation implemented the idea of Professor Waldemar Michowicz – at that time the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of the University of Lodz. The Professor's goal was to create a new and independent, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary organizational unit at the University of Lodz, whose employees will conduct international studies in the areas of politics, culture, and economics, which has become a "trademark" as well as a distinguishing feature of its organizational successor.

Behind us 22 years of existence of our Faculty (28 counting the times of functioning of the predecessor – ISM UŁ), which brought a number of important experiences still used in the functioning of this relatively young Unit of the University of Lodz. We face many challenges posed by the dynamically developing world. Our main task is to enable an ever better understanding of the complex phenomena and processes of the present day that surrounds us in world politics, economy and culture, not only for the entire academic community – students and academics, but also for the external environment. Scientific and research activities are combined with the educational processes carried out at the Faculty and beyond, education for external entities, such as primary and secondary schools and other external institutions, corporations. All this is possible thanks to the hard work and efforts of the staff employed at the Faculty and our students, doctoral students and doctoral students, creating a faculty community that is able to meet the challenges posed by the changes taking place in the modern, globalizing world. As dean of the Faculty, proud of the achievements of all members of our community, I thank you for the effort and effort put into broadening the horizons of human knowledge and its dissemination. I wish you many further successes and joy from the various research and educational activities undertaken in the next decades of the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the University of Lodz.

Ryszard M. Machnikowski

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Every year we adapt our offer - full-time, postgraduate and doctoral schools - to the needs of candidates. We work closely with business, NGOs and scientific experts. We want the knowledge we pass on to be applied in the face of the challenges currently facing societies.


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